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Forests Above & Forests Below


This film was produced in collaboration with The Nature Conservancy & The New Agency. It was part of the Kelp Exhibit at 836M, a non-profit art gallery in San Francisco.

Forests above and below sea level are disappearing at an accelerated rate globally, and California is no exception. This piece is aimed to draw attention and stewardship to California’s unique and irreplaceable underwater kelp forests that have experienced catastrophic loss in the past decade. This piece was written and supported by scientists at The Nature Conservancy and was filmed and produced by the Coldwater Collective. To dive deeper into this subject, filmmakers Justin Lewis and Sashwa Burrous will release a longer-format documentary in the future. 

A film by Coldwater Collective with support from Coriolis Films


Directors: Sashwa Burrous, Justin Lewis

Director of Photography: Justin Lewis

Additional Cinematography: Sashwa Burrous

Editor: Michelle Olivera

Sound Design: CLEOD 9 Music

Narrator and Writer: Tristin Anoush McHugh / The Nature Conservancy

Co-writers: Patrick Webster and Norah Eddy / The Nature Conservancy

Producer: ColdWater Collective, Coriolis Films

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