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The Fire Poppy


"THE FIRE POPPY" is a portrait of MYSTERY RANCH ambassador, Sasha Berleman. This short film explores her enduring relationship with fire and delves into her evolving perspective, from seeing fire as a threat to developing a deep interest in it, and eventually recognizing it as a valuable tool. As a steward of the land, Sasha has gained valuable insights into how fire can be harnessed to promote land health, and she has come to understand its importance for certain plants like the Fire Poppy, which depend on it for growth.


Innovative outdoor gear company Mystery Ranch asked us to profile female firefighter Sasha Berleman, nicknamed Fire Poppy. Sasha is working on the leading edge of fire management, advocating for a science-based approach that uses good fire to fight the bad. This documentary took us literally into the fire with Sasha, and into the heart of her work on behalf of Fire Forward. 


"Fire is a tool for good and medicine for the land and it’s people. Its use, a responsibility.” -Sasha Berleman, PhD, CaRx


Director: Sashwa Burrous
Cinematography: Justin Lewis, Sashwa Burrous, Timothy Real
Executive Producer: Samantha Harmon
Editor: Tessa Giffen / Upstate

Color: Jay / Upstate

Music / Sound Design: Cleod 9 

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