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The Limitless Series 


Part of the Limitless Series

Sponsored by Under Armour | Presented by OUTSIDE

What does a runner look like? Traditional portraits of athletes tend to feature the same people, the same bodies, the same narratives. But in this documentary series, a partnership between Under Armour and Outside, our team was asked to tell one of the last great untold stories of sports: the runners who look just like you. The runners who blow past barriers. The runners who are limitless.


Under Armour approached the founders of RUNGRL to be part of the series. We traveled out to Washington DC and met the amazing women who started the digital media and events platform that advocates for the health and wellness of black women. We worked closely with them to create a film that accurately represents their voice and their mission. And we had a blast filming with these charismatic, joyful, strong and inspiring women.


This series was an amazing chance to connect with community advocates and allies, on behalf of two amazing brands. We’re proud to show what’s possible with considered storytelling that amplifies underserved voices.

Director/DP: Sashwa Burrous

Special Ops/Photography: Timothy Real

Audio: Benjamin Sands
Executive Producer: Samantha Harmon
Story Producer: Jeremie Cander
Editor: Tessa Giffen / Upstate

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