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The Fontes Family


Our team is drawn to stories that highlight the value of nature and diversity: how the wilderness is welcoming for all people. For this feature, NEMO Equipment reached out with an opportunity to tell the story of an LBGQT family inspiring others to get outside. And we were honored to help document the adventure for this forward-thinking brand.


Tyler and Andy Fontes had many first dates going on hikes and road trips and bonded over their love of camping and wandering. When they had their own family, they decided to share their love of the wilderness, starting when their sons were only 10 months old. Being LGBQT, they have forged their own pathway to adventure, creating great family memories and bonding experiences with every trip. They are fostering an invaluable appreciation for nature, exploration, and adventure in their children.

Director: Sofia Jaramillo
Co-Director/Director of Photography: Sashwa Burrous
Special Cam Op/Audio: Timothy Real
Producer: Samantha Harmon
Stylists: In Season
Editor: Tessa Giffen/Upstate
Photographs By: Stephen Shelesky & Sofia Jaramillo

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