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Journey of a Thousand Choices 


“I was never supposed to be a hunter. I didn’t grow up exposed to it, nor did anyone in my family. But after years of getting my hands dirty peeling back the layers of nutrition, food systems, and ecosystem health, I arrived at its doorstep. Hunting had merged with my land ethic, and I now needed to figure out how to do it. I went from not knowing what a seasonal vegetable was to being a market farmer, managing a 250-acre homestead and eventually learned how to restore large landscapes for wildlife habitat and wild food—I was alive, everything in me felt like I had found my path.” - Ambassador Lindsey Davis

Director/DP: Sashwa Burrous
Executive Producer: Samantha Harmon

Editor: Collin Kriner
Additional Camera Op: Zac Ramras

Sound Mixer / Special Ops: Timothy Real

Composer: Todd Hannigan

Colorist: Jay Smith / Upstate

Sitka Producer: GavinDuecker

Sitka Creative Director: Deven Stephens

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