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Carolyn Su


Part of the Limitless Series

Sponsored by Under Armour | Presented by OUTSIDE

What does a runner look like? Traditional portraits of athletes tend to feature the same people, the same bodies, the same narratives. But in this documentary series, a partnership between Under Armour and Outside, our team was asked to tell one of the last great untold stories of sports: the runners who look just like you. The runners who blow past barriers. The runners who are limitless.


We flew out to a very frosty Boston to meet Carolyn Su, a runner, mother and advocate. She founded Diverse We Run, a social media handle that highlights stories of athletes of nontraditional backgrounds. As the daughter of immigrants, running became a race of self-discovery for Carolyn. She explains why it is so important to inspire the next generation of athletes to feel "limitless".

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Director/DP: Sashwa Burrous

Special Ops/Audio: Timothy Real
Executive Producer: Samantha Harmon
Outside Producer: Meghan Miranda

Photographer/Story Producer: Sofia Jaramillo
Editor: Collin Kriner

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